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(Some private clients' names have been omitted for reason of confidentiality.) 

I have worked with Leigh on numerous cases over the course of the past ten years. In more than a few of these cases her work was the basis for the prosecutor’s decision to dismiss charges against my client. On at least one occasion, after Leigh had completed a series of witness interviews, I had the prosecutor tell me that Leigh was the best investigator he had ever seen. I would wholeheartedly recommend Leigh as an investigator in a case where dogged investigation needs to be done.

If she still worked in King County I would employ her immediately.
— Bob Goldsmith, attorney-at-law, Seattle, WA

When my team needed an expert with keen discernment, we reached out to Leigh. We were under a tight schedule and confronted with the need to interview witnesses, then based on the facts known, review hours of recorded material and thousands of documents/pictures to assemble pertinent portions into a digestible report. Leigh’s final product was complete, succinct, and delivered in record time. She is a true, dependable professional.
— Private client

My business partner and I have used Leigh for over five years to perform background checks on prospective tenants. Leigh has saved us thousands of dollars and a bucket of grief by identifying potential problems. Detailed background checks are absolutely necessary to ensure that our properties are well maintained.
— Dean Chinnery and Rick Brown, Flatwater Holdings, LLC

I would like to personally thank you for the time and work you did on my case. I believe it really made a difference, and I am really pleased with the outcome. I would also like to thank you for the kindness and faith that you showed in me. I felt really comfortable talking with you. You really know how to do your job and you do it very well.
— Private Client

It’s wonderful to know you’re out there when I need help.
— Private Client

In my 34 years of law practice, Leigh Hearon has been, by far, the most outstanding private investigator with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. In addition to her hard and dogged work (not to mention her dark humor), what sets Leigh apart from any other investigator is her instinct and her judgment. I have come to rely quite heavily on Leigh’s judgment, and whenever I have had the good sense to follow it, it has always worked to my clients’ advantage. I hesitate to recommend Leigh publicly, because I don’t want her to get so busy with other work that she will be too busy for mine.
— Kenneth S. Kagan, PLLC, Seattle, WA kenkaganlaw.com

I am a criminal defense attorney in private practice handling cases at all different levels of the criminal justice system. For the past nine years I have relied exclusively on Leigh Hearon for all of my investigative needs. Why? Because, quite simply, she is the best. My clients expect and demand the best, as do I. Whether tracking witnesses from Canada to Hawaii or interviewing a young complainant in a modest farmhouse in Kansas, Leigh performs at the very highest level. The results for my clients have been life changing. Charges of criminal conduct have been pushed into the waste bin of false accusation after Leigh completes her exhaustive investigations.
I am often asked by friends, acquaintances and even prospective clients what attorney I would hire to represent me if I were ever accused of wrongdoing. While the answer to that question might take time and contemplation, no matter who the attorney would be, Leigh Hearon would be my investigator. Professional, thorough, and imbued with an inherent sense of justice and a tireless work ethic, I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Jeff Kradel, Kradel Defense, Seattle, WA

Working with you has made a very big difference in my life, although I never expected having a PI in my life would become a necessity. After living for 30 years with a big family secret, finding my nephew was well worth the extended effort. It brought real family together for me—family in the true sense of the word. Your persistence and professionalism has been a constant that I have been able to rely on.
I also appreciated your help in uncovering what seemed to be a stalking situation. Not only did we discover a rather dangerous “perp,” your calmness and steadiness helped me to cope better. In addition, I appreciated your seeing me through the uncovering of an especially hurtful betrayal in a long-term relationship. Not only to it matter to have the facts made clear, evidence uncovered, and wrongdoing exposed, it also mattered that these difficult personal situations were handled with dignity and respect for privacy. I continue to appreciate your professionalism and your supportiveness. You have truly made a positive difference!
— Private client

Leigh Hearon and Hearon Investigative Services are the only private investigation outfit that I have used in the last five or more years. Ms. Hearon and I have worked on about a half-dozen cases a year during that time period. Ms. Hearon is bright, motivated, and has never failed to meet a deadline in all the years I have worked with her. Ms. Hearon’s experience with witness interviews is such that I rarely feel the need to participate in the interview process. Her work product is top drawer, and her rates are quite reasonable. Ms. Hearon and Hearon Investigative Services will remain my principal provider of these services, and I recommend her operation without reservation.

I’ve used Leigh Hearon as an investigator in many cases, from relatively simple misdemeanors to very intense federal felony trials. I would heartily recommend her. She relentlessly pursues leads and witnesses, gets people to chat with her, and takes great notes. She gets the work done quickly and I completely trust her judgment.
— Neil M. Fox, attorney-at-law, Seattle, WA

I am totally grateful to this wonderful woman who provided me with such wonderful service. She clearly went above and beyond the call of duty with my case. She was very compassionate and remarkable in the information I needed. I did not expect to receive such thorough and quick feedback. She treated me with the utmost respect and made me feel as busy as she was, my case was a priority. That was heartfelt and that totally won my trust and confidence in her. I tip my hat to her and would refer her to anyone.
— Private Client

I was introduced to Leigh Hearon by a very prominent local attorney. Having never faced a situation like the one I was in, I welcomed Leigh’s extensive experience, broad network of contacts, and ability to see the big picture. Her intuition, attention to detail, and due diligence resulted in the truth being exposed. I not only won my case, but also got my family back. She has been a valued friend since, and I can only offer the highest praise for her.
— Private Client